My current research deals with different dimensions of political behavior and accountability in developing countries.

Clientelism from the Client’s Perspective. A Meta-Analysis of Ethnographic Literature“, with Miquel Pellicer, Markus Bayer, and Christian Tischmeyer, Forthcoming in Perspectives on Politics, accepted Oct 24, 2020.

Court Performance and Citizen Attitudes Towards Fighting Corruption, forthcoming in Governane, with Leticia Barbabela and Miquel Pellicer

Poor People’s Beliefs and the Dynamics of Clientelism, Journal of Theoretical Politics, accepted January 2021, with Miquel Pellicer, Lindsay Benstead and Ellen Lust.

Citizen Assessments of Clientelistic Practices in South Africa, revise and resubmit, with Miquel Pellicer, Markus Bayer, Christian Tischmeyer

What is bad about clientelism? Citizen perceptions in poor communities in South Africa and Tunisia, under review, with Miquel Pellicer 

Can Reconstruction Programs Improve Political Perceptions in Conflict Contexts? Evidence from Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, under review, with Alexander de Juan, Carlo Koos, and Miquel Pellicer.