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Peer Reviewed Journals

Court Performance and Citizen Attitudes Towards Fighting Corruption, Governance, published online 6 May 2021, with Leticia Barbabela and Miquel Pellicer

Poor People’s Beliefs and the Dynamics of Clientelism, Journal of Theoretical Politics, Published Online 13 Apr 2021., with Miquel Pellicer, Lindsay Benstead and Ellen Lust.

Clientelism from the Client’s Perspective. A Meta-Analysis of Ethnographic Literature, with Miquel Pellicer, Markus Bayer, and Christian Tischmeyer, Perspectives on Politics,  published online 28 December 2020.

Preferences for the Scope of Protest, with Miquel Pellicer and Alexander De Juan, Political Research Quarterly, accepted December 2019. Replication dataDo-files, and Full Questionnaire.

Perceptions of inevitability and demand for redistribution: Evidence from a survey experiment, with Miquel Pellicer and Patrizio Piraino, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 159 (2019) 274–288).

Revisiting the Islamist-Secular divide: Parties and Voters in the Arab World, with Francesco Cavatorta, International Political Science Review (2019), Vol. 40(4) 558–575 (Appendix here)

Social Inequality, State-Centered Grievances, and Protest – Evidence from South Africa, with Alexander De Juan, Journal of Conflict Resolution, published online 16 August 2017. Link to replication data

Local Level Accountability in a Dominant Party System: insights from South Africa,Government and Opposition, published online: 29 March 2016

The Justice and Development Party in Moroccan Local Politics, with Miquel Pellicer, Middle East Journal, 69, 1, 32-49, 2015

Is there strength in numbers?, with Miquel Pellicer and Francesco Cavatorta. Contribution for “Research and Methodology in a Post Arab-Spring Environment: Challenges for the Field”, Middle East Law and Governance, 7, 153-168, 2015

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Autocrats and Islamists: Contenders and Containment in Egypt and Morocco, with Holger Albrecht, Journal of North African Studies, 11 (2), 123-141. 2006.

Book Chapters

Philosophy of Science Issues in Clientelism Research forthcoming in Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Political Science (co-authored by Harold Kincaid, Miquel Pellicer, and Eva Wegner.

Politischer Islam als Soziale Bewegung im Nahen Osten und Nordafrika, in H. Albrecht and K. Köhler (eds.):  Politischer Islam im Vorderen Orient. Zwischen Sozialbewegung, Opposition und Widerstand}, Baden-Baden: Nomos, 38-42. 2008.

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Islamist Inclusion and Regime Persistence. The Moroccan Win-Win Situation‘, in O. Schlumberger (ed.): Debating Arab Authoritarianism: Dynamics and Durability in Non-Democratic Regimes, Stanford: Stanford University Press, 75-93. 2007.

Working Papers and Policy Papers

“The Islamist voter base during the Arab Spring: More ideology than protest?” POMEPS Studies 24.

“Wer waehlt islamistische Parteien und warum? GIGA Focus Nahost, with Miquel Pellicer, 08, 2014.

“Information, mobilization and demand for redistribution. A survey experiment in South Africa”, with Miquel Pellicer and Patrizio Piraino. SALDRU Working Paper 139, 2014.

“The demand side of clientelism: the role of client’s perceptions and values”, with Miquel Pellicer, Lindsay Benstead, Ellen Lust, Harold Kincaid, and Juanita Vasquez. SALDRU Working Paper 140, 2014.

“The Policies for Reducing Income Inequality and Poverty in South Africa”, with Murray Leibbrandt and Arden Finn, SALDRU Working Paper no.64. 2011.

“Inequality Traps in South Africa: An overview and research agenda”, with Miquel Pellicer, Vimal Ranchhod, and Mare Sarr, SALDRU Working Paper no.57. 2011.

“Does Germany Need a (New) Research Ethics for the Social Sciences?”, with Claudia Oellers, German Council for Social and Economic Data Working Paper Series, no.86. 2009.

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“Morocco: PJD Works at Being New and Dierent”, Arab Reform Bulletin of the
Carnegie Endowment of International Peace 4, (3), [online publication]. 2006.

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